Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Night Beauty..

Last night I stood out on our balcony around 11 p.m. Only a full moon up in the vast, empty, dark sky. And rising like music all around I heard the comforting, exquisite chorus of the summer insects. How can such beauty mingle with such heinous ugliness? How can these exist in the same place? If I did not have the haven of God and His created realm to turn to, the presence of human brokeness might crush me.

Jesus IS our hope. He is our peace. I am grateful that He gives us glimpses of Heaven on earth in what He has created and in the rare and priceless act of selfless love.

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ChristopherKuper said...

I thought about this as I drove home late last night. Its funny, the only times that I realize how beautiful the world can be is when I am alone and there is not a soul around me.